Trade the $600tn global securities market: equities; bonds; and derivatives ... faster, cheaper and fractionally

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Crypto Depository Receipts (CDR's) and native issuance open up a whole new world of finance, removing corporate actions, allowing fractional ownership and almost entirely eliminating transaction costs. Underlying shares are sourced from the market or corporate entity (new issue). CDR's are then issued by the custodian trust on a blockchain which allows voting via smart contract. Each CDR represents a single share, and can be traded in fractions of a share, single or multiple shares. CDR's can be traded on exchange or directly between two parties. CDR's are in testing now.

We are also working with regulators around the world to completely remove the need for traditional shares and share registers.​

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A dedicated marketplace where digital instruments (coins, tokens and CDR's) can be freely traded. Clients can deposit and withdraw digital instruments via secure dedicated wallets.

  • Trading is conducted 24/7, via a high speed matching engine
  • Global liquidity sourcing and negligible trading costs, ensuring deep markets to meet client needs
  • Initially supporting: market; limit and stop orders, with an algo tool-kit following shortly thereafter
  • Enterprise grade API and periodic auction service for institutional/professional clients
  • Multiple institutionally acceptable settlement options

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